How to Prepare, Smoke and Clean a Bong


For many cannabis aficionados, smoking with a bong is the best way to enjoy weed. Here’s how to properly use a bong. Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways . One of the most popular still remains the old and proven bong. Many cannabis aficionados believe that taking a deep hit from a bong delivers an unsurpassed high. Of course, it all depends on personal taste, but smoking weed from a bong actually has several advantages. The bong produces a fresher and velvety smoke, and does not require the use of rolling papers, which are needed to roll the joints Tokeplanet.

However, perhaps not everyone knows how to use a bong properly. Don’t be afraid: in this guide you will acquire all the knowledge necessary to smoke a bong like a real professional. In addition, you will find tips on how to clean and store the bong to keep it always in great shape.

Basic components of a bong

A bong, or water pipe, is a device that filters smoke by passing it through water, making it fresher and more velvety. Bongs are usually made of tough glass, such as borosilicate glass. You can also find models made of acrylic, wood and many other materials . Bongs are available in different sizes, from the smallest and most discreet ones to the massive devices with tons of accessories, to enhance and amplify the cannabis experience . In this guide we will focus on the basic models, to make the explanation simpler and clearer.