Importance of Deep and relaxing massage

The deep tissue massage starts with the connective tissue and brings the body back into balance.  From fascia to rolfing – a multitude of treatment techniques, a massage technique that penetrates deep into the tissue with targeted and powerful movements – that is deep tissue massage in Omaha, NE. It looks at the whole body, relieves tension and works to reduce stress.  Rebalancing also plays an important role.

Deep into the tissue

Deep Tissue means the deep-lying connective tissue. The deep tissue massage therefore focuses on deep tissue in particular. The muscle sheaths, the so-called fascia, are activated by special massage techniques. These are the soft tissue components of the connective tissue. They run through the whole body and give the muscles shape and strength. If they are hardened or injured, this can lead to chronic pain and tension. The deep tissue massage aims to release precisely these hardenings. Several sessions are usually necessary for this. In the long term, however, the suppleness of the body increases.

Myofascial release through deep tissue massage

 The decisive factor for this are the so-called myofascial channels that run through the entire body. Tension in the shoulder area can, for example, be due to a hardened fascia in the foot.With the deep tissue massage, a “myofascial release” should be achieved, that is, a relaxation of these myofascial channels. Many believe that the relaxation of the fascia system affects the entire body . The deep tissue massage is not only effective against chronic tension, but also against muscle pain. It promotes blood circulation and helps reduce stress.

Rebalancing for body and mind

In connection with deep tissue massage, there is also another term, so-called rebalancing. This is primarily about the interaction between body and psyche: You should come back into balance. If the outer posture is cramped, it affects the inner being. Stress, on the other hand, can lead to tension in the body. The deep tissue massage is intended to dissolve the rigid outer posture patterns and the emotions stored inside. The gentle to vigorous massage also activates the self-healing powers. It is an act of mindfulness for body and soul that brings relaxation and well-being.

Deep tissue massage technique

If you want to use deep tissue massage, your hands, fists and elbows are used. You work with strokes, that is, you follow the muscles along the fibers with firm strokes. A massage across the muscle cords is also possible. In addition, you exert point or area pressure on the deep layers of the muscle tissue.