Know about some of the Healthiest Dog Breeds

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Every dog is unique, just like every human or every pet owner wants their dog to enjoy a long, healthier lifestyle. They are indeed a significant part of the family, and besides. Each breed has unique health issues, although some breeds appear to have greater longevity and fewer hereditary disease risks than others. After consulting with animal specialists, we compiled a list of the Healthiest Dog Breeds. Statistically, enjoy long lives when fed the appropriate diet, get adequate exercise, go to the vet frequently, and receive lots of love.

British cattle dog

The oldest dog to ever survive was an Australian farm dog named Bluey, who lived to be 29 years old, per the Book Of World Records. In actual years, Bluey would indeed be close to 151 years old. However, Bluey might not be the cattle dog to have already lived this long. Another puppy of this breed by the nickname of Chilla remained in Australia till the age of 32, although regrettably did not obtain a Guinness World Record.

Short-haired German pointer

German shorthaired points are energetic dogs that are frequently employed for shooting. This breed provides a fantastic inside dog because their hair is so short that they shed, but they require much exercise.

Mountain shepherd

These herding dogs originated in the Alps and then were developed to guide flocks across challenging terrain for long periods each day. In contrast to their popularity in European, Pyrenean shepherds are extremely rare and usually and Canada.