Preparing for summer camp- what to expect and how to get ready?

st john's prep summer camp

Summer camps are excellent for children to develop new skills, and build friendships. During the summer months when school is out, these camps provide a safe and nurturing environment promotes personal growth and development.


  • They are designed around a specific theme or activity like sports, arts, science, or music. Ensure you choose the right program suited for your child’s interests and needs.
  • During their stay at the campsite, children engage in various outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, canoeing, or rock climbing depending on the program selected. They participate in structured indoor events like crafts and games.
  • In addition to engaging in physical activities during their stay at st john’s prep summer camp, kids learn valuable life skills such as teamwork collaboration, and problem-solving as they interact with other kids from different backgrounds.


  • As mentioned earlier, selecting an appropriate program based on your child’s interests is crucial to ensuring they are a positive experience during their stay at the campsite.
  • Reviewing the packing list provided by the summer camp organizers ensures you don’t forget any necessary items of clothing suited for outdoor activities and personal hygiene essentials like toothpaste and shampoo.
  • Enroll your child in any summer program and ensure all medical forms are completed accurately indicating any allergies or medications required by your child while away from home.
  • Get familiarized with policies regarding visitation hours differ between programs are inform family members who plan on visiting so they’re not turned back when arriving at inappropriate times.
  • Organize transportation arrangements ahead of time so drop-off and pick-up times do not interfere with other commitments.

They provide opportunities for kids to make new friends from different backgrounds than themselves. This helps them develop social skills such as communication and empathy which will serve them well throughout their lives. They provide a unique environment where kids meet others to share similar interests to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. To emotional support, counselors also provide practical assistance with tasks such as packing, organizing belongings, and managing schedules.

Attending a prep summer camp allows kids to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. At camp, however, outdoor activities like hiking or swimming encourage physical activity while fresh air boosts mental clarity. Exposure to diverse experiences helps them to well-rounded individuals who are better equipped to handle different situations later in life. Parents should consider sending their off on this adventure each year!